NOTE - This is a sample agreement used by Jeff Beck for many years.  It may be advisable to consult with an aviation attorney.  However, it is not rocket science, this agreement is primarily designed to quantify the points of agreement between and operator and the flight crew member, not much more than that.  The bottom IRS Rule is quoted to help define the "Contractor Status" of the flight crew member, and take the burden off the Operator, so it is to their advantage to have that paragraph in the agreement.

Also, and this is important.  If you provide a "Contract" written by a lawyer with all the leaglese BS, then the Chief Pilot may have reservations about signing such a document and you will loose the gig.

That being said, here is what I have used for many years, it is plain, simple, succinct and to the point, to make way for an understanding between you and the Operator without confusion.


Pilot Services Agreement Contract

This Pilot Services Agreement is between  ________, an individual, and -

_________________________________________________________________________________ ("CLIENT").

Whereas, ________ is ready, willing and able to render certain professional flight crew services; and

Whereas, the CLIENT desires to retain _________ to provide the services of a GULFSTREAM aircraft qualified pilot for flight aboard an aircraft owned or operated by the Client on a worldwide bases; and

The parties hereto have agreed to enter into this Agreement according to the terms and conditions set forth below.  Please initial each page at bottom to verify acceptance of Terms & Conditions.

If the Client finds this agreement satisfactory please execute this signed Agreement and return via PDF Attachment via email to _________ ( or USA Fax ________.

Terms & Conditions - Client Agreement

Following are the details of an Agreement between ______________ and the CLIENT. 

This agreement shall be effective for the periods of time set forth herein (See Page 3 for details of dates)

I.  Fee Schedule / Rates


A.  Gulfstream GII / GIII / GIV (Not Applicable)


B.  Gulfstream GV / G550


II.  Payment/Invoice Schedule

___________ shall Invoice CLIENT at 15-day intervals, and payment will be made via Company check, or in the case of International CLIENTS, wire transfer from the CLIENT to a bank account designated by __________.  For New International clients who made a deposit as per Addendum on Page 3 herein, Invoice period begins after the deposit period is completed, and will be invoiced at 15-day intervals thereafter.

Upon signing of this Agreement / Contract, New International clients shall be required to wire transfer a deposit equal to one half of aggregate contract, prior to my departure from home PLUS approximate Business Class airfare to my home base in __________, USA, as defined in Section III (B).


III.  Expenses Policy

When I submit my invoice you will receive copies of all actual receipts, including miscellaneous cash expenses.  Expenses will be invoiced as defined below.

A.  Meals

The Client’s policy is for a Meal Per Diem of $100 per day for a 60-day period of this contract, which is acceptable to ________.  Per Diem expense will be invoiced in 15-day intervals.

B.  Travel

The CLIENT will cover all ground, and airfare expenses.  Business Class or better seating is required on all travel to and from International assignments.  Positioning must take place to allow for ample rest prior to flight assignment. I am based in ______________, USA.   If using airlines to start and end the trip, taxi/limo fare to local airport will be a recognized expense.  Travel days to/from the assignment are charged at 100% daily rate or considered part of this contract period.

C.  Hotels

Hotels should be reputable and recognized hotels (considering amenities, security, and location).  Any layover exceeding two nights should be in a full service hotel.  If company based housing is provided, then such housing should meet the amenities, security, and service equal to a full service hotel.

D.  New Clients

New International clients will be required to wire transfer a deposit equal to one half of aggregate rate for the entire trip, prior to my departure from home.  The client must agree, in writing, to pay for all airfare as well.  (NOTE:  See Addendum Page 3 regarding deposit)

E.  Laundry service

On trips greater than 6 days in length hotel laundry service will be utilized.  For extended contract periods, laundry services will be utilized as required.

F.  Cell phone

I do not charge for cell phone or blackberry when in the United States.  While traveling outside the United States blackberry data (email) is gratis as well.  If the Operator demands use of my personal cell phone while travel outside the United States a charge of $25 US per day will be charged.  The exception to this is Central Asia, Indonesia and Russia, where actual cellular minutes will be passed on to the CLIENT due to the high cost of phone calls.

G.  Miscellaneous

Any other out of pocket cash expenses such as taxi’s, airport and van tips, business center charges, and other necessary expenses normally associated with flight operations will be expensed and paid by the CLIENT.


Item I (A) – Not applicable

Item III (D) – Client will be required to wire transfer a deposit equal to one-half the contract period ($________USD), prior to my departure from home PLUS the approximate Business Class airfare to home base   (  $_______   USD)

TOTAL DEPOSIT          $_________ USD

Wire Transfer Instructions will be sent via email immediately subsequent to signing of this contract.

Upon completion of the contract period, actual airfare expense will be submitted and the deposit deducted from the Expense Report.

This agreement may be extended for additional periods of time by mutual written agreement.

Agreement & Acceptance for Services As Declared Herein (3 Pages)

 Accepted By:

________________________________________________________ Corporation or Individual (Client)


By______________________________________________________  Position _________________________

Print Name & Title _________________________________________

Executed this _______day of _____________2007
____________________________________ ( PILOT SIGNATURE HERE)

A. Service Period at $____________ USD per 30-day period (___________________) Please Initial Acceptance
From ____ day of __________   2007  to ______ day of  ______________   2007 – (__60_-days)
B. Type of aircraft:  Gulfstream ________________  Capt___X___F/O__X___ IOE Training Capt __X___